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Welcome to

the nuva skin care

It is our pleasure to give you a full-benefit dermatology treatment which helps keep your skin both delightful and solid . We offer front line methods and advances that assistance revive and reestablish skin’s tone, surface, and solidness along with giving you an experienced restorative treatment to your skin’s wellbeing. We likewise now offer non-intrusive medications for body shaping, fat decrease, and cellulite enhancement.

Our dermatology methods can enhance the presence of the skin by revising skin care, for example, skin break out, scars, and wrinkles.Our dermatologists can likewise treat skin conditions that may not really be destructive, but rather can influence or even distort the appearance. Here, you can discover accommodating data about corrective dermatology strategies and how they can enable you to accomplish your tasteful objectives


Dr. Urvi Panchal


Dr. Urvi Panchal

She is M.B.B.S  M.D in Dermatology . She is a Fellow in Cosmetology (Germany). She is a fellow in Hair Transplant (Ahmedabad). She completed her M.D Dermatology from Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical Hospital and Research Centre, Pune in 2015 and M.B.B.S in 2011, Maharashtra.

Dr. Urvi Panchal is an active member of Indian Association of Dermatology and Venereology( IADVL), European Academy of Dermatology(EADV) and Cosmetic society of India (CDSI). She has been associated with well-known institutes like Kaya skin clinic(Mumbai), Fortis Hospital (Mumbai), Clinic Dermatech ,VLCC(Gurgaon) and Delhi Govt Hospital. She is also a trainer and speaker for recent adavnces in dermatology in Dubai, Malaysia, and Korea


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As we age, the effects of reduced production of collagen, hormonal changes, exposure to sun and environmental toxins, repetitive facial expressions and even simple gravity begin to take their toll.

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You can now supplement your diet and exercise regimen with the amazing benefits of advanced technologies to help achieve your goals safely, comfortably, and drug-free.

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Laser Hair Reduction is a lasting answer for undesirable hair expulsion that guarantees you never need to stress over hair removal again. People look for laser hair expulsion in entire body to get undesirable hair evacuated.

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Laser treatment supercharges the removal process by using pulses of light to interact with the ink or dye and cause the pigment to shatter into smaller particles. This allows the skin to naturally remove through the body’s immune system.

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Laughing, smiling, frowning or just about any repeated facial expression can eventually leave their calling card. Facial creases, Wrinkles, Brow furrow, Crow’s feet and aging caused by expression can be relaxed to allow your skin to be smooth once again.

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Hair Transplant treatment reestablishes your lost hair and lifts your certainty back .The methodology is exceptionally protected and is performed by a group of hair reclamation masters each with an ordeal of over years in this field that will give you results.


Advanced technique of facials that comprises of scientifically tested ingredients, methodology and instruments with a focus on purification and deep cleansing. It is also designed to fight against various signs of ageing and skin problems, leaving behind a radiant and rejuvenated skin.

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If your skin is blemished with dark spots, brown spots, freckles, etc., Our endeavor is to impart you unblemished skin, free from ghastly skin disorders. We offer treatments that are helpful in lightening the skin tone like topical treatments, chemical peels, dermabrasion and microdermabrasion.